About Me

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Miles Loman Kane, tech sales guy with midwest roots and international aspirations. I kept a blog during my two years in Ireland, http://www.mlkinire.com, documenting my time living and working abroad. Rather than try to extend that chapter, I decided to keep it a separate being and begin anew. Lifeofmlk.com was born in the spring of 2016 as an avenue to track my progress of moving back to the States and my experiences as the first sales hire at an early stage startup in Silicon Valley. I love tech/travel/tunes/Thai food. Keep in touch on twitter @lifeofmlk.

Mini bio:

Current: VP Sales at Altocloud (Silicon Valley/Galway) where I lead the strategy and execution of our growing international sales organization.

Previous: Sales Leader at SmartBear from 2008-2016 (Boston/Galway). Started as a rookie sales rep and left as Head of Europe, spending the last two years on assignment in Ireland to build and scale a new EMEA HQ from the ground up. Scaled revenues 15X during this period, leading SmartBear to become the leading provider worldwide of software testing and development tools for the connected world.

Minnesota born. Schooled in Boston. Time abroad in Ireland, Spain, Australia. Currently growing California roots. Enjoy traveling to new countries, spending too much $$ on Springsteen tickets and practicing yoga.



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